September 4, 2009

I can’t be the only one…

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking of lately and soon I will be living alone for the first time since my accident. I have avoided living alone the last four years due to frequent slumps of depression I slide into but I figured it was time for me to face this aspect of my life and either beat it or let it beat me. Either way is acceptable but the first option is likely the most pleasant.

I really can’t be the only person out there that has a hard time dealing with people. Others must be the same. Others must not want to talk to people, be it on the phone or in person. Other must also want to avoid conflict, even if it comes at a personal loss. Others. The thing I’m afraid off. I dunno what it is about people that make be want to stay at home, or that make me so angry. Why can’t they see? Maybe it’s just me that can’t see? But either way, I’m pissed about it. Is it really that difficult to be a consider person, to keep your word, to not only ever look out for number one?

This is my main problem with society. It’s one for one. It’s almost never all for one, or one for all. No one give’s a shit about anything but themselves. And this is why I avoid conflict. Because I don’t want to start arguing with people that are only looking out for themselves. Because no matter no sound your logic is, those fuckwads will bend it to fit their twisted sense that everything in the world revolves around them.

And it’s these thoughts of people constantly looking out for themselves that make me depressed. Or at least a large part of it. How can you trust someone that only looks out for themselves? How can you tell when they really care or just using you? (this is in no way directed at my girlfriend in case she ends up reading this… which is unlikely).

I dunno. I can’t be the only one. There has to be others out there that care for more than just themselves. But here is the kicker. I’m too afraid of dealing with people to find out.

Oh well. Fuck it. I’ll just live with my depression caused by my perception of society. At least I won’t bother anyone since I can’t stand dealing with them…


August 22, 2007

Web app’s that need upgrades

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I have been slinking around the net and attempting to bring everything together with SMS, IM, email and feeds, but a few places have been more than annoying with their lack of certain features. So I am going to make a list of the web apps that I use that I think need some updates.Please note that I am aware that many of these features can be achieve with scripts or APIs, but I would like to see there features natively to get full functionality, such as SMS updates/reminders.    Twitter: GROUPS! Twitter needs built in groups. There is one that I know of using the API, but I would love to see that feature built in. I want to be able to tweet a group and send a txt to my entire apartment, or my pen and paper friends.Google Reader: Search. Wtf is the point of me starring objects if I can’t bloody well go back and search for them later. Google Reader: Organization of starred items. I want to go back and view these items by tag, or date. Not just a huge stream. Google Calendar : A to-do list! GIVE ME A BLOODY TODO list! And allow me to update the thing using the current way I add events. Just have it as a keyword. So: todo get food, kill neighbor, eat offspring.  That way it still works with twitter, which means I can use my cell to add items! Gtalk/Gmail – SMS to message gmail members.  So that I can send an email or message to friends that don’t have a cell or text messaging.   FaceBook – Wallposting/PMing through SMS. Something like: Frank John w Hey frank! Party in 2 hours. I’m downtown. Get your shit together. Gmail/Facebook – Option to send SMS to members/friends if they have already set up the SMS function within the site.Gtalk – SMS instead of IMing a person.  Again, just using simple text commands.Gtalk:Bardic, you there?SMS@Bardic Where the hell are you?   Well there is something to chew on. I may think of more things later, but I want all these updates. So Google/Twitter, pleassse please please please please add these. I have been bitching for a while and I can keep doing it. You two are the best at what you do and I want you to be the center of my social life lol. So please take the step.   

August 2, 2007

Winamp 5.33 vs iTunes 7.3

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Well I have talked about this before, iTunes vs Winamp but I have recently jumped ship from musikCube and moved back to winamp. So I figured I would give both the newest versions a spin and did what I could to make both use a little memory with actually hacking any files.

All I want my music player to do is to play music. That it’s. i don’t give a shit about visuals or stores, or podcasts, or internet radio, or ipod support, or whatever. All it has to do is play music, cd’s and rip them if I for ever some reason have a cd.

So how did things turn out?

Well I installed the latest version of winamp and itunes.  Winamp 5.33 and iTunes 7.3

In Winamp I literally removed every plugin that isn’t needed to play my library or rip/burn cds.  In iTunes I turned off every feature but the library. I didn’t delete anything because the preferences didn’t give me the option like Winamp does.

I stat again I did not hack or did anything to change the configs other than use the options available to me through the preferences.

Anyways, Winamp’s memory usage sits between 6000k-20000k which is pretty good for a media player.

iTunes, after installing and turning of all the features used 44000k.  And when you add all the other crap processes it runs, updater, devices and I dunno what else, it was over 55000k mem usage.

Obviously I choose to keep my Winamp installation.

If you purely want to listen to music through a library, Winamp is your best bet. If you want only to listen to playlists, you may want to consider foobar, but!!! it just as much (and more if skinned) than Winamp.

You could also consider Evilplayer but I wouldn’t. No id3 tag support, no way in hell I’m using it.

So there ya go. Winamp wins hands down if you ONLY want to listen to music. If you want to buy songs (pff) then iTunes may be useful. Don’t even mention ipods. I have an ipod and I run the software from the ipod. I can run it on anyones Win installation. If ya have a mac you have iTunes so no worries there.

Oh, btw, I am obliviously talking about all Windows software here.

I am going to try to hack iTunes a little and see what I can do. I have nothing against mac. I use a mac at work and I rather enjoy it. But I am looking at things in a purely functionality/memory usage point of view. Take my word or not, makes no difference to me. Sorry if I sound kinda rude but I got slammed for my last review because Winamp won then too and that was without configuring and I just want to make sure people don’t bitch that I’m a fanboy or anything. I will switch music players if you can show me a better one.

July 20, 2007


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This is too good to pass up. I had to post it.

July 19, 2007

Wishlist for next gen of social networks

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So today I was playing around with Facebook and every few days it draws closer to what I really want to see social networks to become like.  So I am going to list for you want I really really want to see in the next gen of social networks.

  • Email
  • RSS
  • Online docs
  • Blog
  • IM
  • Communities/Networks
  • Persistent messaging system
  • Calender

Pretty much take everything Google does, add it to the core of facebook and give it a descent desktop app and you’re set.  But the biggest problem would be not limiting the service you allow people to connect to. If I want to use bloglines, Gmail, Zoho, and WordPress I should be able to.

So that list isn’t just things I want to see aggregated, but features that allow me to interact with them. So I can post to my blog, mark favorites on my RSS stream, create,edit, delete docs, or add events to my calender. I also want to have trusted friend able to edited or add things using the central system.

I don’t see the feature of social networks as just a place to gather and stalk what friends are doing, a centralized portal to who I am and linked to on the internet. I am really excited for the google social network, not because I think it will necessarily be better than Facebook, but because it will be good and it will (hopefully) be real competition for facebook and push the development of Social networks.

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