June 11, 2009


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Well this gave me a bit of a run around, but I have finally (I think) got it all sorted out : red5 running on windows through wamp. This isn’t really that big of a feat but it’s the first time I’ve done something like it and I’d like to explain step by step how to get it working since none of the guides I read held your hand through the whole set up.  So I will ^^

If you don’t know what Red5 is here’s a snippet from Wikipedia that explains the basic idea:

Red5 is considered as a free alternate to Adobe Flash Media Server, and supports many of the same feature sets. It has a few additional feature sets such as the ability to intercept live streams, and the ability to easily plug in other Java libraries such as Hibernate.

So, my first attempt was to use tomcat, but that didn’t work so so well, and since I have a wamp server already running I figured it would be best to use that. After some googling  I found other people that had already done this, on the  Red5 mailing list , here.

Pretty much I’m just gonna copy their nine steps and add my additional comments since their way works, it’s just a little vague though.

  1. Install wamp
  2. Create a directory named “red5-server” into C:\wamp\www
  3. Download and install TortoiseSVN
  4. right-click on C:\wamp\www\red5-server folder and click SVNCheckout
  5. enter  the url from which red5-server will be downloaded :
  6. download ant from the apache software foundation (manage dependencies for compilation)
  7. Extract ant to a folder where ever you want. Just remember it’s path since you will need to add it to your system variables later. I put it at : C:\apache-ant-1.7.1
  8. Download the JDK 6 and install
  9. Add ant and javac.exe to your system’s Path variable (right click on my computer – > Advanced – > Enviroment Variables – > Find variable Path in System Variables and edit. You need to add the path to the javac.exe which is in your JDK installation (default on xp for me : C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_14\bin) and the bat files for ant (C:\apache-ant-1.7.1\bin) . Make sure that each variable is separated by a semi colon or it won’t work.)
  10. open a shell on C:\wamp\www\red5-server
  11. just type ant server – if ant is not found your system variables are set up wrong. If during building it says that it can’t find tools.jar where it expected the easiest solution is to find where the tools.jar file is on your pc and copy it to where the ant expects it. If at the end of the build it says it can’t find javac.exe, you either installed the wrong version of java or your system vars are set up wrong.
  12. You can install samples demo via the administration console http://localhost/RED5-server/webapps/installer/index.html

And there ya go -Red5 through your wamp installation.


July 17, 2007

Fade background color in new color : actionscript

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Have ya ever wanted to change your background color during runtime using actionscript instead of having a timeline event? Did you by any change want to have it fade from it’s current color to the new color with the click of a button?

Well, if so today’s your lucky day. For a site I’m working on I needed to make the buttons when clicks change the background color, so I set out to do it. The first and pretty much only problem I encountered was when you changed the background it would show the stage background and not the last color showed. So if I click red and then clicked orange I would want it to fade from red to orange. Well what I was getting was red, white, then fade to orange. But after about 15 minutes or so of playing I figured out a way around it.

So anyways, it works now and you can easily change the speed of fade by changing the alpha added to itself. Here’s the link. Hope it’s of some use to ya’s ^_^

July 9, 2007

asfunction – Use more than one variable!

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So I was trying to use asfunction to pass two variables, well because I needed two. So after a few hours of looking for a pre-existing script to do this or some other way to do it I just do frustrated and wrote my own script that will let me pass (theoretically) as many variables as my heart desires.

It’s a rather simple/small script that plays off how asfunction treats all text after the first comma as a string. So realizing this you can use special characters (I use a comma) to separate your variables. You then pass the single string that contains your vars to a function that searchers for that special char and breaks the string apart and puts your vars into an array.

Get it? Simple, eh?

Anyways, link to source script.

June 28, 2007

flash xml search example

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*UPDATE * – URL now links to working copy

Example :

Download FLA: 

There’s an example of the flash based xml search that I plan to write a tutorial for over the weekend since I still don’t have internet. And as of now, it seems complete and I haven’t encountered any bugs yet…

So this is what the script has:

Title/Content searching
Linking (using deeplinking)
Search Word Highlighting
Search result trimming (50 characters on either side of the word)
Word completion during trimming (If at 50 characters the trimming would cut a word in half it will include the whole word)
Searches on button press and on pressing enter.
Shows multiple results
Handles special characters
Handles Like (searching kit will return KITty)
Clears results on new search.
Displays message when term isn’t found
Searches must be more than 3 characters long

I think that covers the extent on it’s details. I have no clue how long it will be on that server so I am working on just getting some free server space for examples. I will be back with code and tutorials ^_^

June 27, 2007

check back later for a tutorial

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well I managed to create a flash movie that searches a XML doc, displays the title, results and links it to the proper page using deeplinking. the damn thing took me all morning to figure out. I was trying to use the Kirupa tutorial written by senocular, but it made almost no sense to me. Sorry, Sen, I love your tuts, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what you were trying to do.

So I went and used what I did manage to grasp in Sen tut and make my own. It’s not as advanced in the sense you can’t choose to search titles or post since I didn’t think that was necessary. All I have left to work out is the no results message. But after I figure that out I will try to write a tutorial explaining it.

Hopefully my internet at home will be working when I get off work but I highly doubt it. Anyways, if you’re interested, check back in the next few days. I’ll hopefully have it done and online. I may just make it a .doc that is downloadable since wordpress goes all screwy when I start posting code.


fixed the no results thingy but figured I would try to limit the amount of characters of the results. hope to have this figured out by tomorrow… if i’m lucky.

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