July 19, 2007

Wishlist for next gen of social networks

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So today I was playing around with Facebook and every few days it draws closer to what I really want to see social networks to become like.  So I am going to list for you want I really really want to see in the next gen of social networks.

  • Email
  • RSS
  • Online docs
  • Blog
  • IM
  • Communities/Networks
  • Persistent messaging system
  • Calender

Pretty much take everything Google does, add it to the core of facebook and give it a descent desktop app and you’re set.  But the biggest problem would be not limiting the service you allow people to connect to. If I want to use bloglines, Gmail, Zoho, and WordPress I should be able to.

So that list isn’t just things I want to see aggregated, but features that allow me to interact with them. So I can post to my blog, mark favorites on my RSS stream, create,edit, delete docs, or add events to my calender. I also want to have trusted friend able to edited or add things using the central system.

I don’t see the feature of social networks as just a place to gather and stalk what friends are doing, a centralized portal to who I am and linked to on the internet. I am really excited for the google social network, not because I think it will necessarily be better than Facebook, but because it will be good and it will (hopefully) be real competition for facebook and push the development of Social networks.


January 3, 2007


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This is a new Bit Torrent client based on the Azerus code.  It claims to increase speeds up to 70%! The only problem is how it does it.

How BitTyrant does it is by selecting only the uploaders that offer the best possible speeds. But how bit torrent works (in most clients) is that the more you upload the more you can download. More advnace explanation is that if you upload data to a peer you will be able to download from them. So your upload ratio is spilt up amoung members of the swarm for them to download from you so you are able to download from them. Bit Torrent is designed like this on purpose to keep a healthy swarm (more distrubuted data amoung peers).

What Bit Tyrant does is only selects a few peers with the best upload rates and gives them the majority of your uplaod ratio, in turn getting better download speeds from them. This, if done by more than a few people in the swarm will decreases the swarms health and overall make speeds worse.

For this reason many are of the opinion, myself included, that this client should be banned from private trackers for the health of the swarm. But this is only from intel I have gathered from reading a few articles and their site. I haven’t had time to read the groups papers since I only found out about the product about 30 min ago.

But I do think this could lead to some interesting developments in the BT community. Anything in my opinion that can increase speeds is a good thing, even if this is just the first step. Hopefully this will lead to a way of overall increasing the swarms speed.

December 7, 2006

BitTorrent merges with uTorrent

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This came as a surprise to me and many in the community when announced today that BitTorrent is buying uTorrent for an undisclosed amount. This could be excellent or a disaster (as many think it may turn out to be).

It was announced today ( ) on the uTorrent forums about the merger. Here are some FAQ’s concerning this ( ). These are basic questions, the most important one’s.

Currently I am sitting in the IRC, suffering to bring the news to the populace that won’t know about this until tomorrow. And I like to point out how crazy this conference is! There are bashers, spammers, trollers. Everyone has come out to bash/praise or question the hell out of Ludde (uTorrent developer/owner) and Bram (Creator of the bit torrent protocol).

So with many questions falling upon deaf ears, it leads one to believe that not all the details have been worked out yet, but I am glad to see that uTorrent may become even better. With this move, it is likely that uTorrent will in the next few releases make better use of the protocol, and be the leader in showcasing new bit torrent features.

Also, planned for development are Linux and Mac versions of uTorrent! Soon everyone will be able to feel the love ^_^

This is a very exciting time.

I will close with some quotes from Bram in the irc channel:

<Bram>utorrent will continue to be lightweight

<Bram>there is not, and won’t be, any content filtering in either the mainline client or utorrent

<Bram>we’re planning on using the utorrent codebase in embedded applications, but have no specific announcements of that happening at this time

<Bram>we aren’t announcing integration plans between mainline and utorrent at this time

December 1, 2006

BitTorrent Inc receives $20 Million in Funding

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 Full story over at Torrentfreak

“BitTorrent Inc has officially announced that they are receiving a second round of funding totalling $20 million. As predicted, the investors are Accel Partners and Doll Capital Management.”

This is wonderful! I love the bit torrent protocol. It is by far the best way to transfer files online, and everyone is finally starting to realize this. Movies are now legally available for d/l through bit torrent, software is distributed using it, and it is one of the best ways for a company to save on bandwidth 😛

I guess this means I will be testing the next few versions of bit torrent after they received so much money to develop it. But the article don’t give details if this money is for the development of the protocol or the client, but I imagine its for the protocol, which would be great. Hopefully they are able to streamline the protocol and make it even faster and more efficient!

Beta Software/Open Source/Freeware/Shareware

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Well I am starting to run out of things to compare and write about, I am am going to try to bring you free apps everyday for the next while (except for when I’m home for Christmas). I will try to make these programs are at least semi useful or interesting.

So! To start off my list, I want to introduce you Griffith.

Griffith is a movie organizer. It allows you to catalog all the movies you own and have seen, give them rating and even keep track of who you loaned the movie to! I actually find it rather interesting and plan to create a list of all the movies I have seen/own and will see. And one of the best parts is you don’t have to fill all the information yourself! Just provide the title and it will run off to the web and gather all the information for you.

You will love this open source piece of software if you are a movie buff. And for all the anime freaks like myself out there, IT DOES TRACK ANIME SERIES ^_^

So check it! It’s the best way I’ve found to keep track of your movies and anime.

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