August 2, 2007

Winamp 5.33 vs iTunes 7.3

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Well I have talked about this before, iTunes vs Winamp but I have recently jumped ship from musikCube and moved back to winamp. So I figured I would give both the newest versions a spin and did what I could to make both use a little memory with actually hacking any files.

All I want my music player to do is to play music. That it’s. i don’t give a shit about visuals or stores, or podcasts, or internet radio, or ipod support, or whatever. All it has to do is play music, cd’s and rip them if I for ever some reason have a cd.

So how did things turn out?

Well I installed the latest version of winamp and itunes.  Winamp 5.33 and iTunes 7.3

In Winamp I literally removed every plugin that isn’t needed to play my library or rip/burn cds.  In iTunes I turned off every feature but the library. I didn’t delete anything because the preferences didn’t give me the option like Winamp does.

I stat again I did not hack or did anything to change the configs other than use the options available to me through the preferences.

Anyways, Winamp’s memory usage sits between 6000k-20000k which is pretty good for a media player.

iTunes, after installing and turning of all the features used 44000k.  And when you add all the other crap processes it runs, updater, devices and I dunno what else, it was over 55000k mem usage.

Obviously I choose to keep my Winamp installation.

If you purely want to listen to music through a library, Winamp is your best bet. If you want only to listen to playlists, you may want to consider foobar, but!!! it just as much (and more if skinned) than Winamp.

You could also consider Evilplayer but I wouldn’t. No id3 tag support, no way in hell I’m using it.

So there ya go. Winamp wins hands down if you ONLY want to listen to music. If you want to buy songs (pff) then iTunes may be useful. Don’t even mention ipods. I have an ipod and I run the software from the ipod. I can run it on anyones Win installation. If ya have a mac you have iTunes so no worries there.

Oh, btw, I am obliviously talking about all Windows software here.

I am going to try to hack iTunes a little and see what I can do. I have nothing against mac. I use a mac at work and I rather enjoy it. But I am looking at things in a purely functionality/memory usage point of view. Take my word or not, makes no difference to me. Sorry if I sound kinda rude but I got slammed for my last review because Winamp won then too and that was without configuring and I just want to make sure people don’t bitch that I’m a fanboy or anything. I will switch music players if you can show me a better one.


July 6, 2007

Firefox 3 – GranParadiso

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I’m kinda bored at work so I decided to grab and test the latest build of  the upcoming FF3. If I’m not mistaken this is alpha build 6 so I braced myself for bugs, but surprisingly there have only been a few Oh btw, I’m using a Mac.

On a couple of sites I have encountered some rendering hiccups, but nothing too major. I have also encountered a weird bug where I couldn’t type into any text boxes. That was actually on of the more annoying ones.

Also, the memory consumption seems to be a problem.  It seems to not like letting go of the memory it no longer needs. I opened a crap load of tabs and browsed through each one to build up a cache for the back button. I expected the memory to increase and it did. So I closed all the tabs but it didn’t release any of the memory.  Or that is what it appears to be happening to me.

If it’s what I think it is  that is causing this problem, then it’s intentional. Some people may like this feature to open closed tabs and still nav the history of that tab, but I would like to see an option to turn that off to save on memory. I’m sure someone will figure a way out to do it soon enough anyways.

And one more little complainant.  I fired up FF3, and began to try to click, browse, and do several things and to my surprised the program was sluggish. This is the fault of the gecko rendering engine I think. They have been recently updating that and I would guess the cause for sluggish is from that.

But overall, FF3 is looking tight. Few bugs, but that is to be expected during an alpha.  Let’s all hope that these are fixed before release 😛 Also, let’s hope for a ‘lite’ release. I would like to see a version released that didn’t have all the extra’s. Make the extra’s available if I want one or two, but release a really really lite version. That would make soooooooo many people happy.

February 27, 2007

Trillian Astra! Black Donnellys and FooBar!?

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Black Donnellys

What a wicked show. I just watched it (thank you bit torrent) and was blown away. I have only really started watching TV shows last year starting with Prison Break and House. And this totally kicked Prison Break’s ass all over the air and putting it on on par with House. Which is a lot to say since I love House (not the character, the show :P). If you haven’t seen the first ep, go forth, and watch it. Download it, find a rerun, check the NBC site. They may have it. But next Sunday is a new episode(ep 2) so if you wanna be up to speed, you best watch it.

F ooBar

I remember why I hate foobar. It’s not because the program is bad. No, I love the program. Its the community. They are pricks. They have BEAUTIFUL layouts for their foobars, but NO one will share. And there are no community guides or even documentation o how to do this (with the new plugin, Panels UI). FUCK! If I could get a guide on how to make my foobar look like those on the site, I would blow my load all over the screen. But seriously, they won’t help even if asked, and they won’t give guides or proper papers on the program. In all honesty they are one of the worse communities (up there with relic) I have never seen.
Trillian Astra

Finally! I got invited to the beta for this software. I love multi protocol IM’s so I was thrilled to have a chance to test a new one. And let me say this is actually really good. The program is small (mem print wise) responsive and slick. It has a really nice layout and the chat windows are well done. But remember this software is still in beta, so I am going to make it known that I have some problems with it.

1) Group Containers – Would MUCH rather see a smaller group container with smaller, and nicer looking tabs at the top. I like the idea of the group containers, but the graphics could be better.

2) Color Themes – The user should have the ability (a menu) that allows them to create their own color themes since I imagine there won’t be a lot of skinning going on with this program. They have a good amount of color themes (20 or so) but only a few are any good.

3) Chat Window – GIVE ME A OPTION TO TURN OFF THE RSS FEEDS! ARGH! I am a VERY minimalistic person when it comes to graphics. I would rather see the feeds in a little bar on the bottom if done properly so they aren’t obscuring my chat window.

4) User Status – I want to be to be able to turn of the status overlay on the chat windows.

5) History in chat window – I would like to see this become more separated from the rest of the chat. Put a line under it, or on the first message chuck a lot of whitespace in there.

6) MAKE IT FREE! This is a great program, but if they charge for it like they did with other versions of trillian no one is going to buy it. Well there will be a few 1000 uneducated people that don’t know other multiprotocol clients exist for FREE!

7) Bug – Memory Leak ( i think) its starts at around 10k which is really good for a IM client (Miranda uses about 12-15k and msn is up around 40-50k if i member correctly 😛 ). But you let Astra run for 10 hours and you have 22k mem usage. I dunno if it keeps going but I will try to watch. I exit astra to play DOD so I restart it every once in a while anyways.

8) Bug – Flashing window. Sometimes when you minimize a chat window, it flashes like when you receive a new message. There is no new message though. This is annoying.

9) Themes – some of the themes make the menus really difficult to read. Would think that themes bundled with the program would all work properly.

10) Tooltip – Would like to see the client that MSN users use. Gtalk has this in their tooltip and I would love to see this with MSN.

11) Themes – Option to create themes via menu. I stat this again because I think this is important and should be taken into consideration.

12) Bug – Changing Skins – When using the skins in the program, change it three times and Astra won’t redraw the skin properly.

13) Web client – The web client needs a LOT of work. I signed on only to find that I needed to make my connections there too.  So that wouldn’t have been a problem but there were no tooltips, on text. But a bunch of different different colored balls. After clicking around I found MSN (no jabber?!?!). I made my connection and only 5 of contacts appeared… when i had about 35 online..  And then I tried to send a message with no luck. The chat window just didn’t open. This doesn’t stand up to Meebo

So, Cerulean, please address the issues I have outlined here. I personally think if you address all these issues, you will have the best IM client out there! So please, for the sake of the IMers such as me, make this the best client ever!

February 16, 2007


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So I have switched players again 😛

I am now using a player called billy, which in my opinion is a great little player. It’s not a music library like musikcube, and has about the same footprint size. The only problem is that billy can’t support many file types, rip or do anything a library program does. Its simply for playing the music effiecently which is all I need in life.  Ya should give it a shot. Similar to evil player but MUCH better in every way.

December 15, 2006


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Well this is a very interesting site. It’s like having a million sticky notes (you know the yellow ones) at your fingertips online. This is a very ingenious site that allows users to create todo lists, create contacts, use a calender, have bookmarks, sort by tag and share with their friends.  It also seems that when you share a skittit, the people you can share it with can edit it and have a discussion about it but I dunno for sure since I have no one to test it with.

And you wanna know whats even cooler? All those different features are done through the same interface by using “magic words” (key words). Such as typing “Due Dec 25” will set an event due on the 25th of December.

Cool, eh?

So say you’re like me. You most likely not gonna wanna log in daily but you still want to use its calender. No prob! RSS ENABLED! MWHAHA! You can simple add the feed to your reader and keep up to date on your notes and dates, and I would imagine even on your friends.

Now, this software I keep wanting to call it, site, is still in beta, so there are bugs, but it is still a great tool. I am persoanlly going to use it as an organizational tool for my team when we start doing web projects next month. I believe this is going to be a great product (especially if it stays free!) in the future and is now.


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