December 7, 2006

BitTorrent merges with uTorrent

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This came as a surprise to me and many in the community when announced today that BitTorrent is buying uTorrent for an undisclosed amount. This could be excellent or a disaster (as many think it may turn out to be).

It was announced today ( ) on the uTorrent forums about the merger. Here are some FAQ’s concerning this ( ). These are basic questions, the most important one’s.

Currently I am sitting in the IRC, suffering to bring the news to the populace that won’t know about this until tomorrow. And I like to point out how crazy this conference is! There are bashers, spammers, trollers. Everyone has come out to bash/praise or question the hell out of Ludde (uTorrent developer/owner) and Bram (Creator of the bit torrent protocol).

So with many questions falling upon deaf ears, it leads one to believe that not all the details have been worked out yet, but I am glad to see that uTorrent may become even better. With this move, it is likely that uTorrent will in the next few releases make better use of the protocol, and be the leader in showcasing new bit torrent features.

Also, planned for development are Linux and Mac versions of uTorrent! Soon everyone will be able to feel the love ^_^

This is a very exciting time.

I will close with some quotes from Bram in the irc channel:

<Bram>utorrent will continue to be lightweight

<Bram>there is not, and won’t be, any content filtering in either the mainline client or utorrent

<Bram>we’re planning on using the utorrent codebase in embedded applications, but have no specific announcements of that happening at this time

<Bram>we aren’t announcing integration plans between mainline and utorrent at this time


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  1. Facinating news. Had just started to get interested in bit torrents and uTorrents stood out as an excellent, lightweight product. Obviously it drew interest from within the field as well.

    Hope the merger allows uTorrent to keeps its place as a lightweight alternative to other bit torrents.

    Comment by Joseph — December 8, 2006 @ 2:05 pm

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