July 6, 2007

Firefox 3 – GranParadiso

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I’m kinda bored at work so I decided to grab and test the latest build of  the upcoming FF3. If I’m not mistaken this is alpha build 6 so I braced myself for bugs, but surprisingly there have only been a few Oh btw, I’m using a Mac.

On a couple of sites I have encountered some rendering hiccups, but nothing too major. I have also encountered a weird bug where I couldn’t type into any text boxes. That was actually on of the more annoying ones.

Also, the memory consumption seems to be a problem.  It seems to not like letting go of the memory it no longer needs. I opened a crap load of tabs and browsed through each one to build up a cache for the back button. I expected the memory to increase and it did. So I closed all the tabs but it didn’t release any of the memory.  Or that is what it appears to be happening to me.

If it’s what I think it is  that is causing this problem, then it’s intentional. Some people may like this feature to open closed tabs and still nav the history of that tab, but I would like to see an option to turn that off to save on memory. I’m sure someone will figure a way out to do it soon enough anyways.

And one more little complainant.  I fired up FF3, and began to try to click, browse, and do several things and to my surprised the program was sluggish. This is the fault of the gecko rendering engine I think. They have been recently updating that and I would guess the cause for sluggish is from that.

But overall, FF3 is looking tight. Few bugs, but that is to be expected during an alpha.  Let’s all hope that these are fixed before release 😛 Also, let’s hope for a ‘lite’ release. I would like to see a version released that didn’t have all the extra’s. Make the extra’s available if I want one or two, but release a really really lite version. That would make soooooooo many people happy.


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