July 4, 2007

i don’t have a toaster!

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gah. as the title suggests I no longer have a toaster. I just recently moved to a new apartment and the toaster at my old one was a room mates. Now I don’t have a toaster which means I can’t eat breakfast since my breakfast ALWAYS is an eggo or two.

In other news I finally got the internet back. It’s been a hellish weekend with no connection. Hopefully this afteroon/tonight I will have time to get some free web space to throw up my examples and .fla’s for selected files. I also hope to eventually start writing tutorials and creating more random experiments.

I just need to think of some interesting things to do with actionscript for me to try and play with. I a big fan of menu’s so I think I am going to read some on menu theories and create some just artsy pieces. I normally work in only AS but for these I think I’m going to have to using some library calls to get some pretty animations.

I will post a link to my test/experiment page as soon as I get it created.  It’s not going to be pretty since I simply don’t have the time to make it so. So it will be a bunch of links and flash files with dates.

other than that not a lot of news. trying to figure out a MC within MC problem at the moment and after that I will be working on a site called Ascenta or something like that.

Oh, and I was told to play rubies and eventide… is it any good?


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