June 27, 2007

check back later for a tutorial

Filed under: actionscript, internet, open source, program, software, tutorial, web development, XML — bardicknowledge @ 12:37 pm

well I managed to create a flash movie that searches a XML doc, displays the title, results and links it to the proper page using deeplinking. the damn thing took me all morning to figure out. I was trying to use the Kirupa tutorial written by senocular, but it made almost no sense to me. Sorry, Sen, I love your tuts, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what you were trying to do.

So I went and used what I did manage to grasp in Sen tut and make my own. It’s not as advanced in the sense you can’t choose to search titles or post since I didn’t think that was necessary. All I have left to work out is the no results message. But after I figure that out I will try to write a tutorial explaining it.

Hopefully my internet at home will be working when I get off work but I highly doubt it. Anyways, if you’re interested, check back in the next few days. I’ll hopefully have it done and online. I may just make it a .doc that is downloadable since wordpress goes all screwy when I start posting code.


fixed the no results thingy but figured I would try to limit the amount of characters of the results. hope to have this figured out by tomorrow… if i’m lucky.


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