June 26, 2007

grow/blur/inertia & deeplinking/XML search – actionscript

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There is a working example without Deeplinking.

Ah, fuck.

I have been writing actionscript for I dunno… three months. Not a long time. Especially for someone that ISN’T a programmer. No! I was trained to be a designer, not a scripter, though I did write PHP on my free time. Well anyway you look at it, I am now a Junior Web Developer. Luckily, I love it ^_^ This is an artform.

Anyways, I have three main projects on my plate, 2 of them which I will be working on today. The first one is what sounds a lot more simple than it is. I have four bottles. I want to roll over one and have it grow using an inertia script. I also want to have the over bottles blur. Now, you may be saying that not difficult, but go ahead and try it using just actionscript. I’m not allowed to cheat and use gotoAndPlay’s. Well anyways, I have all of it done except for the inertia at the moment. Its about…100 lines of code and on each bottle there are about.. 50 lines. Again doesn’t sound that impressive, but with three months experience I think I have a right to be pretty damn proud of myself.

The next project I have is to create a prototype that uses deeplinking. DL is a series of JS/AS scripts that manipulates the address bar somehow through flash. The problem is the example doesn’t work, its poorly documented and I have no god fosaken clue what I’m doing with it. And to boot, I got to understand it and then create a series of XML files that are searchable and on click uses the DL scripts to change the URL and then change move the flash movie around.


As always I will post my scripts if I ever finish it. The bottle one will hopefully be up tomorrow. And after I learn the DL and the searching idea, I will share that too.


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