June 21, 2007

movieclips and actionscript

Filed under: actionscript, web development — bardicknowledge @ 8:43 am

My new goal for today is to either figure out a function that will detect which movieclip is rolled over, or how to add an actionscript function to a movieclip that was created with AS.

First I’m gonna read up more about the rollover function. Maybe there is a function in there that detects the clip name. And then I’m gonna pester my boss until he either tells me how to add AS to a AS create MC, tells me it’s impossible, or just ignores me and walks away xD

If I figure all this out before within the next 3 hours I’m gonna start on the new PHP site they want me to build :S It’s for a law firm and it just basic, but I haven’t written or looked at PHP in a few months. Hope it will all comeback. If not, I’m shafted 😛


Gah. I figured it out, but I need to take some time and figure out how to post code on here. The code wrappers don’t work… Anybody know how to or a place that I can upload my fla’s? The problem with the code wrappers is when you use several < or > the damn thing thinks it’s a tag.

*another update*

Ok, well screw trying to put in write in my post. If you are really curious out reading my script, you can find it here. All I have left to fix is a depth issue I’m pretty sure. Because of the depth problem you can’t click the links. Whenever I fix this I will make a new post with my XML and Actionscript.


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