June 19, 2007

Holy shit internet man! RL tried to kidnap me!

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Wow, it has been a long time but I hope to be back far more often now that I intend to take this blog in a slightly difference direction. Mainly because I simply want to. But also because my focus in life has slightly shifted, and I now work full time (knock on wood) working with a company in the city developing actionscript mainly.

So, while my focus is going to change some to more of a coders blog, I still intend on reviewing software when I have the chance. I personally on my home box test new software a few times a week and if time permits I will write about that. The code will be easier to write about since I will be able to do that from work.

Anyways, for my code part of the blog I intend on not just bitching about my problems but bitch, fix, and share. Almost all of the code I will be developing will be 90% actionscript. No movie clips, no objects. Just AS and likely some XML. I currently write in AS 2.0. If you want AS 3.0 you’ll have to look else where for now. I will also be doing some ColdFusion, CSS and PHP.

This is a personal blog and I will write about random crap, such as anime and games and cultural things I feel I need to share.

I am going to write my first code post sometime today after this one.  And since I am just beating my head of my desk this will give me a break 😛


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