February 9, 2007

I back… ^_^

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Wow, it has been a while since I’ve lasted posted… but it’s not without reason! Over the last month I have been going tight out in school and personal life to bring one of my most important dreams to me into reality.

The dream started when I was a child, to create something that others would not just look at and say “thats cool” but something that would be actually be truly enjoys and appreciated  .  And being the nerd that I am, I dreamt of accomplishing this through creating a game. About 7-8 months ago, I started the basic ground ground work, choosing a genre, writing a back ground, deciding the path I want to take and how envisioned my final version.

And so it began.

A month ago I was presented with the chance to have my class work on the game for a short period of time. I took it, for if anything it would get me motivated (which is rather difficult nowadays) to complete it myself. We, as a class, worked for 2 horrible, painful, mind numbing weeks. It would turn out, my class of 4 fellow Web Devs, don’t really know PHP or MySQL. Anyways, I called the end of the project at the start of the week and have sent out myself to complete it by the start of March which will be a tight, tight deadline with the little amount of work I can give it a day (about 2 hours).

Also, I will be launching a new blog shortly, which will be in semi relation to my game. The blog will focus on game development, but not in the sense of computer/console game like so many people think of when they hear this. It will be focused on web(browser based) and table top dev. I will be posting things I think everyone should know before developing, planning, code snippets (when I don’t feel greedy :P), advice and anything else I can think of that relates. I will be accepting articles from ANYONE that wishes to write for it and I also will be trying to recruit one or two fellow developers to write.

I will continue to write for this blog, bringing tech news and mindless rambles ^_^ Hell I may even be back later today with a tech post and a link to my new blog…that is if I get it off the ground. Here’s hoping!


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