January 19, 2007

Game Development

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FINALLY! Development on the game I have been working out in my head since early summer has started! For those that don’t know I am a web development student, which basically means I work with web tech. Anyways, I had to code a small demo for today, which was just the code for my gym, and present it.

Well the teacher loved it and thought the project was totally in scope, so the whole class (six people including myself and the teacher)  will be working under my direction for the next three weeks, bringing my baby to life!

The game will be written in php with a mysql backend and will be played through your browser. If you never played a browser – text based game, check out torncity or future criminal. These are my favorite two out there but mine, in my honest opinion and everyone I have described the game to detail in agree it will be better than tc or fc. I can’t go into too much detail because I don’t want anyone snatching my ideas since I have added a good bit of original material which hasn’t be done to this genre of game in almost 3 years since tc was released though fc is making a damn good stab at it.

Anyways, I will be hopefully launching the game in three weeks if I can get enough done for an alpha release and can gather enough fundage to buy a server.

If anyone is interested in developing their own php/mysql but don’t have a server, download wamp. You will be able to create databases and run your scripts fine ^_^ If you never used wamp before, just take your scripts and go to the wamp folder in the C:\ directory in the root and in there you will find a folder called www. There is where you what to put you scripts to test them. To load them into the browser go: http://localhost/xxxxx.php <- replace the xxxx with your file name 😛

happy coding! I will be posting updates about the game as it goes!


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