January 11, 2007

Future City Guide

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Welcome to Future City! If you are reading this and know what Future City is this should help you. So I’m just going to jump right into it and start explaining what I know so far and tips I think that help.

Training : Training at the gym is one of the must important things in this game and you need to do it or you will never succeed. What I recommend is this: Training with a personal trainer as much as possible and only do it if you have 14 or 15 energy. A personal trainer will almost double the amount of stat you will gain and since it costs 400c to do this, you will want to wait for your energy bar to feel up as much as possible.

Also another thing you will want to help with your training is to buy a house. The bigger the house the better. Having a larger house makes you train significantly better. So here’s your problem: Using all your cash to train or save it so you can buy a house. What I suggest is using group training (the 100c one) until you have enough to afford at lest a tent. A house will more than make up for the stat lost during the while you are training.

Stats and what they do

Agility : Determines how often you hit and how often you dodge. This stat is checked against the enemies Agility.

Strength : Determines how hard you hit your opponent. This checks against their Guard.

Guard : Determines how much of an attack you absorb. This is checked against the others Strength.

Labour and IQ : As of now only used for jobs.

Wanna save on your house? Get a partner (marriage). You can share a bank account with your partner so only one of you needs a bank account ^_^

Making cash: This can be a pain in the ass… a lot of the time. Crimes is the main way you’ll make cash. To do crimes, you just start at the bottom and work up. If you fail a couple of times on a new crime drop down a level for a little while, and then try again.

Next, do the battle tent. Its pretty simple. Have about 250 + stat and a gun and attack the npc. If you win you get 1000c.

Next go to the Vote page. There you will see three links where you get some cash, a materia and some energy. You can vote once a day. Its great ^_^

Your next bet is the slot machines. If you have less than 2000c I just bet 25c for each bet. If you get two numbers you get 50c and if you get three you get 660 or something like that. Its a great way to make some quick cash. One day you make loss more than you gain but over all you’ll make more.

Another great way to make cash is you open a bank account (2500c) and invest if you want or just bank it. When you invest be aware that you will lose 2.5% of your invest for withdrawing! This isn’t stated and should be known. The investments are make a lot of money for you but you can lose it or it will take a long while. The highest I have heard of an investment going is 30% so if you see that, take it out.

Next step: Get a job. The only job you can get when you start is medical, so go there and work! When you work you do it for 15 minutes and you can’t do anything else. So make sure you are after using your brave and energy before doing it. As of now, when you quit you loss your Rep! This SUCKS! So keep an eye for a update to this.

 Education: I don’t know for sure what this does yet since I haven’t completed one, but I assume it gives you IQ points. This will help your job.

Factions: The idea of a faction is to make the game more fun. You get to play with a group of people, and share your experience with. Also, your perform group crimes (OC’s – Organized Crimes) which gain your faction cash. Eventually the idea is the faction will give to you, but at the start of a factions formation, they usually ask members to donate to help it grow faster.


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