January 3, 2007


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This is a new Bit Torrent client based on the Azerus code.  It claims to increase speeds up to 70%! The only problem is how it does it.

How BitTyrant does it is by selecting only the uploaders that offer the best possible speeds. But how bit torrent works (in most clients) is that the more you upload the more you can download. More advnace explanation is that if you upload data to a peer you will be able to download from them. So your upload ratio is spilt up amoung members of the swarm for them to download from you so you are able to download from them. Bit Torrent is designed like this on purpose to keep a healthy swarm (more distrubuted data amoung peers).

What Bit Tyrant does is only selects a few peers with the best upload rates and gives them the majority of your uplaod ratio, in turn getting better download speeds from them. This, if done by more than a few people in the swarm will decreases the swarms health and overall make speeds worse.

For this reason many are of the opinion, myself included, that this client should be banned from private trackers for the health of the swarm. But this is only from intel I have gathered from reading a few articles and their site. I haven’t had time to read the groups papers since I only found out about the product about 30 min ago.

But I do think this could lead to some interesting developments in the BT community. Anything in my opinion that can increase speeds is a good thing, even if this is just the first step. Hopefully this will lead to a way of overall increasing the swarms speed.



  1. You only heard about BitTyrant 30 minutes ago yet you are already talking about it should be banned. To be quite honest a hate people like you, with your knee jerk reactions and jumping on the ban this bandwagon. Surely if i was to use BitTyrant i would be seeded quicker so then i could seed quicker and so on. So in thoery there would be more seeder created faster so then they could seed to move the torrent on quicker. Maybe i am wrong, but there are always two sides to an arguement. It still amuses me when i here people saying the lastest version of Bitcomet should be banned, more ill informed people.

    Comment by thelostsoul — January 10, 2007 @ 4:28 pm

  2. You admit that you haven’t read the paper ??
    I have, and nothing that you say is correct. bittyrant doesn’t “select a few”( in fact it tries to establish MORE connections than standard azureus )
    and “only” upload to them, it PREFERS peers with good upload-ratios and dynamically assigns them more bandwidth than those with bad upload-ratios. As long as it has available bandwidth it will use it and upload to anyone. The people who can benefit from it are mostly high-capacity peers with symmetric connections who at the moment get unfair
    downspeeds compared to their upload . If those peers are allowed to exchange data
    more efficiently piece-availability increases to the benefit of everybody.
    It doesn’t try to avoid uploading at all, that isn’t the purpose of the project.
    If you had even bothered to read the FAQ at the site you would be aware of that.

    Your description of how the bit-torrent protocol works … well …
    There are tons of clients out there, like BitComet, that outright cheat the protocol
    and avoid uploading even when they are able to, often just because it will give them a
    marginal improvement in download-speed. THAT is destroying swarm-health.

    Comment by Peter — January 10, 2007 @ 5:23 pm

  3. let me inform you about bit tyrant, it actually improves torrent performance by prioritzing the highest earners, this means fast people are up front with slow people behind, now b4 u bitch and cry, listen up, which is worse having the slow pokes with the slow pokes or having the slow pokes in the middle of the line? the latter why because it causes the torrent to lag if too many slow pokes are up front.

    eg. i seed at 100mbit but my computer can only handle 1000 connections, if i connect to 1000 slowpokes , the torrent will crawl dispite my 100mbit line, if however i connect to the 1000 fastest peers, then those peers will finish faster to become seeds themselves making the whole torrent faster, slow pokes are not left out just moved to the bottom where they belong. They will get the torrent, but without slowing down the torrent for everybody.

    another good point is that all the selfish people who turn off their upload get totally ignored, and even bit tyrant users who throttle their upload get ignored.

    So before going on a witch hunt find out what your talking about, this is an improvement on bit torrent …..

    Comment by Remo — January 23, 2007 @ 6:49 pm

  4. doe any one know where i can get bit tyrant? as i cant get it from the pirate bay (no seeds) and i cant use the Link as i keep getting server reset messages any help much appreciated IM me @ let me spread the seed!!

    Comment by ravinmonk3y — April 17, 2007 @ 12:18 am

  5. thelostsoul, don’t you read people’s posts properly?

    “For this reason many are of the opinion, myself included, that this client should be banned from private trackers for the health of the swarm. But this is only from intel I have gathered from reading a few articles and their site. I haven’t had time to read the groups papers since I only found out about the product about 30 min ago.”

    Why are so many people who post stuff so nasty? Get a life and cheer up! I know it’s very hypocritical but I (kind of) HATE people who say, “To be quite honest a hate people like you”.

    Comment by david — June 11, 2007 @ 10:44 am

  6. uTorrent leaves all the others in the dust. I have tried them all.

    Comment by tim — November 2, 2007 @ 1:34 pm

  7. First of all: Banning is idiocy unless you have a way to prove which client is behind a connection.

    A client that doesn’t punish obviously bad peers is outright stupid. BitTyrant is the NATURAL way to go, to prevent leeching, torrent poisoning etc. being all too easy.

    I’m using Tyrant with a share ratio above 8, ALTHOUGH my connection would have a down/up ratio of 6. Keep it running, and the ratios will be good either way, and the seeds will also spread to everyone equally.

    Only problem: For some reson, exactly that doesn’t seem to happen on BitTyrant. I’m connected to 62 seeds and 3 peers currently, but all my download comes from the peers!

    Either the other clients treat Tyrant inequally (which would be incredibly stupid, as Tyrant could simply claim to be mainline or whatever. If that’s the case, it’s time for a little code altering on BitTyrant.) OR BitTyrant isn’t requesting pieces from seeds properly. I think that’s more likely, as all these seeds behave in that weird way, and they sometimes suddenly all start sending. (what?!?)

    I’d love µTorrent to fix its damn bugs and implement some more strategic behavior towards leechers, especially in small swarms, where uploading to the right peer means increasing overall performance. Then, I’d know what client to use. Until then, I’ll have to keep switching every now and then. 😦

    Comment by ForceDestroyer — September 18, 2008 @ 7:28 am

  8. Update: In fact, it just happened again. Afer a while of sitting on the slow torrent, lots of seeds started uploading suddenly, maxing out my downrate.

    I wonder what this is, probably some stupid bug in how BitTyrant treats seeds.

    Comment by ForceDestroyer — September 18, 2008 @ 7:31 am

  9. I like Bittyrant than utorrent.

    I used bittyrant because it make use of my unlimited bandwidth to the most, most of the time uploading! Utorrent is bad at downloading and uploading, maybe because utorrent doesn’t choose the seed/peer to connect.
    I like being an important (fast) node in distributing the torrent, but utorrent cannot make use of my bandwidth. I download fast, and upload faster.

    I know that bittyrant do micromanage that unacceptable idea by utorrent. And utorrent not yet implementing to choose faster peer to connect.

    Bittyrant is not selfish as people said, i found that i have upload ratio as high as 36:1 but bittyrant continue to upload because the peer need my data, and because the peer is fast.

    Comment by BitTyrant lover — February 28, 2010 @ 10:55 pm

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