December 14, 2006

Slackness on my part! Freeware/OpenSource Software! YAY!

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Wow, school got busy quick, with this being the last week before Christmas break. Anyways, because of my slackness in posting I am going to bring you several free pieces of software today for your using pleasure!


This is seriously a great piece of software. There are people that will claim about it, but I never have encountered any problems with it. Never! Anyways, what Thunderbird is for those that don’t know, its a email client, much like outlook, but free, open source and if the name means anything you ya, created by Mozillia.

As a email client its great. I personally have my Gmail, my two Hotmail accounts and a Yahoo account all linked to it, checking for new messages every 15 minutes. And not only can I have all my email accounts in one easy viewing place, I can share folders, address books, and send from any account… wicked! A new version is in public beta promising a smoother, more friendly experience, using the new Gecko trunk (i think). So it should be faster and more efficient when released.


Before you go judging the software, let me tell you, yes the website sucks , but the software is great. WinBot is an IRC (internet chat relay) bot. It is amazingly simple to use and write scripts for! I was just asked the other day to create a IRC channel for the faction I’m a member of in Torncity. Anyways, this was the first time I never tried to use a bot. And almost of the first times I really tried to use IRC. So downloading the bot, I read through some script examples, and the docs and within an hour I had created 6 scripts doing various things from welcoming members to keeping track of our chain (attacks made in game). Wicked simple, and easy to use. If you want a bot for IRC give this one a whirl.

ApexDC ++

What!? Me writing about a download program that isn’t torrent related?! Thats right! I have been trying for the longest time to get this network to work properly for me. DC (direct connect) is a p2p network very similar to eMule, but in my opinion better. And ApexDC++ is just one of the many clients you can use to connect to DC. Very powerfu, yet simple to use and set up. If you have a router you may encounter some problem… actually you may encounter a lot of trouble. I tried for almost a year to get this to work properly and just today it began to work for no apparent reason. Anyways, this is a great network if you are looking for… almost anything really. I can’t compare speed with torrents yet, but if you are in a university setting, this is for you. You can get AMAZING speeds with this software. Like, a 700 mb movie in… 5 minutes. Or less! But if you’re like me and don’t live on university, you may want to give it a whirl. It’s almost as quick as torrents from my understanding. I will spend some time tweaking it when I get back from Christmas break (no high speed where I’m going 😦 )

So there you are! 3 pieces of software that will incidentally allow you to download things lol.  You just need to know the proper channels about going about it. I hope these programs work for you! I know they all work great for me and I use them daily. If you have any questions concerning them, leave as question and I will answer as soon as possible.


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