December 3, 2006

XnView – Graphic view/editor

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Are you like me? A graphic designer/web developer with hundreds of images on your hard drive or are you a photographer wanting to resize all his/her images to send to print or make a slide show? Or do you just have a LOT of pictues that you would like to be able to resize, change file type, and add effects to?

Would you like to do this to ALL your files in one go?

Well good day photoshop batch file days and welcome XnView!  This is a pretty slick program that allows you to quickly edit *some files* Not all files can have effects applied to them within the program, such as gifs. To tell the truth you can almost go nothing to gifs.

But lets move on! When you loadthe program you have a browser on your left. Browse to your folder of choice and watch the right side become populated to with all the images in the folder.   Doubling clicking on a image will open a new tab with just he image allowing you to edit and export.

And creating scripts that can be saves and used again is very simple.  All you need to do is click on the convert button and you are given the options you need.

Overall, this freeware is a great tool for all the graphic/web designers out there. I know some of you have folders of jpgs that need to be gifs instead 😛


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