November 26, 2006

Trillian Astra

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Traillian Astra

This program looks bloody sweet. If you don’t already know, trillian was one of the first programs to support multiple protocols (MSN, ICQ, AIM, etc). This made it fairly popular among those that were a part of communities where not everyone shared a common IM (games, forums etc). In my opinion, trillian, while a good program, just never cut it for me. Too much crap, not streamlined enough, and just not as well done as other clients out there.

Well their new piece of software, Astra, seems to be much more promising. According to the site, stride were made everywhere possible to streamline the experience, minimize the footprint and increase speeds.

Alpha testing supposedly opens tomorrow so I hope to get accepted though I doubt I will.

One of the main problems I for see is that  they will charge for a full edition, which means I won’t be using it. If I can’t get all the features available without paying I refuse to use it.  There are many other programs out there that are similar. But why I am hoping for this one is because these guys have been around for a while and this new program should (hopefully) take advantage of everything they have seen in IMing in the last several years.

So here’s hoping. I will write a review of the software as soon as possible. Hopefully I get accepted for the alpha.


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