November 26, 2006

Hamachi + Quick ‘n’ Easy FTP Server

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Well for the longest time I have been trying to step up an FTP server so my friends can get files from me and upload their files to me. But it have never worked because I’m always behind a router that just hates allowing FTP traffic. Ya, I could but a new router but I’m cheap.

But you see when you you are behind a router and other pc’s are to they can connect to your FTP server. So bored the other day I went looking for a way to make a virtual LAN to by-pass the whole retarded router thing and I came across a piece of software I haven’t used since it’s early stages and forgot about; Hamachi.

After a little browsing on their site, I found a quick guide, plus a link to set up an FTP server using one of 3 different servers. My favorite being Q ‘n’ E.

So this is how it works basically. You grab hamachi, install it and it goes about making virtual connection. After that you are given a unique IP which other hamachi users can use to connect to you. So, after you have it install, you pester all your friends to d/l and install it.

Next you create a network. 16 people can join this network if they hamachi. When you get that set up, install the server is REALLY simple. Check here for a pictorial guide plus the link to the server.

After you have that set up, all your friends need to do to connect is have hamachi running and have the user/pass to the ftp. Pretty quick and easy.

Now, you may encounter the same problem I did when you first set this up. For my router I had to port forward hamachi on ports 12975(TCP) and 32976(tcp)

These are the ports hamachi uses to connect and receive. If one of the people trying to connect to you doesn’t have theirs forwarded or allowed by the firewall, it won’t work and they will get time outs and connection resets when trying to grab your files.

If ya don’t know how to portforward check here. Great guides on how to port forward, the only problem is the hamachi section is date, hence why I supplied the needed ports if you want to forward.

So there you are. This should work. If you have any questions feel free to post ’em. I will try to help. Happy FTP’ing ^_^

*PS* My favorite FTP program is FireFTP, a fire fox extension that is free and works amazingly well. If you want something better than the basic IE or FF FTP, this is your best bet.



  1. this program sucks!!! this is if you are behind the Acadia university firewall. stupid. even people behind the dalhousie firewall can do it. acadia’s technology is stupid and wants to keep everyone in the dark ages! slow download speeds, baning dc *although everyone still uses it* trying to make us pay premium for everything and now this!

    Comment by forever and always — November 26, 2006 @ 9:15 pm

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  3. If you wana a simple vpn hamachi works but realy is slow and not so much security.

    Comment by Falks — October 5, 2010 @ 7:36 pm

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