November 26, 2006

Die Brucke, Be Bad, Hellacaust & Cauldron live in Halifax!

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You can’t destroy the metal, to quote Jack Black.

So last night, a few friends and I went to Gus’ Pub to watch the show, which I must say, was the best one (metal show that is) I have went to since  I seen Unexepect live. One of the best things about this show was it wasn’t all brutal death metal, which I am falling out off. I still really enjoy it live, but when you compare them to Hellacaust you is almost at every show, they just fail to compare.

So first up was Die Brucke, who I really liked. Being a mix of punk and metal, it was a nice change and was unexpected from what you normally hear at these shows.

Next was Be Bad with amazing attention to their music and instruments but left MUCH to be desired in the department for vocals. The singer didn’t really sing… He more or less talked loud into the mic. And they just didn’t have near as much energy as the first band.

After them, came Hellacaust, seriously one of the best death metal bands I have heard. These guys blew me away with the energy they had last night. My head was constantly banging as were my hands and feet.  Wicked goodness.

And finally Cauldron. The leader singer being an ex-member of goathorn (or so I’m told)  meant that before they started everyone knew they would be great, since Goathorn was a kick ass heavy metal band. And did these guys ever live up to it. Leaning pretty close to traditional heavy metal with death influcenes, these guys had the whole crowd bouncing with energy, devil horns out with the high pitch metal screams sounding form every corner (including mine). The only problem I had with the band was their singers voice (not when he screamed but sang) didn’t do it for me. I felt it was flat.  Mind you I likely couldn’t do better and, fuck, I love the band, but I think thats where they need the most improvement.

Not being a musician myself ( I can sing metal though but not a member of a band) I don’t like to say bad things, because I can’t do better but since it’s a recap of last nights show, I will say what I think.

Overall, amazing and through the 5 buck cover charge. Its time like this that I remember why metal is so close to my heart. The feeling and emotions I experience while at a concert are those I never felt anywhere else. If you have never been to a metal concert, don’t be so quick to judge a cd. I myself am not a big fan of listening to them on my pc, but god, live these bands are amazing. You just can’t convey the energy through cd.  Plus they sound much much much better live then recorded.  So if you live in Halifax, take advantage of the great metal scene we have here. At least go to one show before you say you hate it.


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