November 19, 2006

Busy weekend – The start of something new…

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Wow, it has been a busy weekend starting Thursday (I know it isn’t the weekend but close enough). Thursday, Jetfx my co author, came over to help me tie some up lose strings the game I am working on. I am currently in the process of finishing the game system development, and today or tomorrow I hope to start coding. I will be using PHP and MySQL to create a browser based RPG, one much more advanced than any other I have played and I have played a lot. To make the project easier and smoother I have recruited a friend from school, Nate, who will aid me in my coding.

I hope to have the beta finished by new years and begin testing. I am also going to attempt to rework the story a little and I will post it here when I finish it and feel its ready.

*please note, all my work is copyrighted, including articles written by myself or Jetfx 😛 If you use our work for anything, please link and give credit*

So anyways, Friday Jenn and I went to Sin on Skin, where I got my second piercing, an industrial.  I am very excited and am very pleased with how it turned out. Then that evening, we had a party here where we had quite a bit of alcohol and weed.  Please note I have stopped smoking since it screws me up bad. Anyways, the party went well. I drank in total about half a 40 of vodka, which is A LOT for me. I was trashed which was fun lol. But it’s gonna be a while before I do that again since I was kinda hung over the next day.

Saturday, when my girlfriend was visiting, we went to watched this band, Final Fantasy a single man band/violinist,  who was amazing! I have two of his cd’s and they blow me out of the water. I highly, highly suggest you listen to this guy and if you have the chance to see him live, take it! His shows are great. He’s just so full of energy.

Anime wise, I am currently watching Bleach and Death Note, both amazing! If you are an anime, check em out. Both are excellent.

In P2P news, LimeWire has added bit torrent handling to their software. Within the next week, Ares, another popular P2P program has added bit torrent handling to their software. Now, while this is a step forward, both these programs suck for handling BT. They are nothing compared to using a true torrent app, such as uTorrent.  They are both much slower and do not offer any options to configure your torrents with. Since everyones pc/connect is different it is an important feature to have, and since you can’t you’ll never be able to squeeze the most out of torrents if you use one of these p2p program’s.

This has been my weekend.  Fairly busy for me. Hopefully Jetfx will have a review of the new James Bond flick. I will be calling him shortly to pester him about it, so check back tonight or tomorrow for a review.

In closing watch these two vids. They are pretty cool.


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  1. im so glad you had a good weekend, and it was really nice for you to spend time with all your friends. i am also thrilled that we got into the concert! i was very worried that we wouldn’t get in, hearing that it was all sold out and stuff. i don’t know what we would have done if there weren’t any tickets left. i think you would have taken a heart attack! lol. i really enjoyed final fantasy. thank you for recommending that we go. (K) the rest of the evening was great as well. i love spending time with you and just wish we could do it more often. as for the drinking thing…. lol….. oh my tj. you must have been pretty messed up, seeing how you were the day after…. you were pretty bad. but thats ok. over all im really happy you had a good weekend, and i am glad that i could be there to share it with you. (K)

    Comment by forever and always — November 20, 2006 @ 7:53 am

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