November 16, 2006

musikCube 1.0rc2 vs foobar2000 vs EvilPlayer 1.16

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musikCube 1.0rc2 vs foobar2000 vs EvilPlayer 1.16

Memory Usage (Without playing a song):

mC: 4,468K
FB: 12,092K
EP: 2,352K

Playing Song:

mC: 9,160K
FB: 14,584K
EP: 3,528K

EP +1


First Run:

mC: Pretty simple. You select the folder to want to be browsed and added to you library and it goes to town. Takes a few minutes to add close to 4000 songs.
FB: Just as simple as mC but a tad bit faster.
EP: Not as simple as the other two, but still not difficult. About the same amount of time as FB, maybe a little faster.

FB + 1



mC: Have a handful only. Mainly codecs.
FB: Has a considerable amount more than either mC or EP. Many being pretty good, including an iPod plugin for all you people out there that own iPods. DOWN WITH iTUNES!
EP: Also only has a hanful. Not particularly useful though.

FB + 1



N/A since these programs aren’t particularly meant to be skinned



mC: Will use a keyboards built in hotkeys. Can’t edit/change/create your own.
FB: Uses the keyboard hotkeys and allows you to create your own.
EP: Doesn’t use the keyboard pre-builts and the ones they do use can’t be changed.

FB + 1



mC: Handles them pretty good. Can’t import through the player and I don’t know where the other playlists are saved to, to try and attempt to place others

there. Can’t export playlists or choose their type either.
FB: Can save m3u, fpl and m3u8. Can import/export. Handles them WONDERFULLY! It opens each playlist into a new tab and are easy to make.
EP: Does an ok job doing it. Nothing special. Can save EEP, m3u and PLS. Doesn’t handle near as good as FB.

FB + 1






mC: Pretty good. Simple to use, clean and easy. The 4 skins that exist for it are ok.
FB: When using Column UI, its great. Very clean, very very simple. And in my opinion kinda pretty.
EP: Just a list of songs. Not buttons, no menus. Not good in my opinion.

FB + 1


Final Scores:

musikCube: 0
FooBar 2000: 5
EvilPlayer : 1


All these programs where designed to use minimal amounts of memory while providing you with options you need (in each programs views) to play music and play it well. In my opinion, EvilPlayer is one of the worse prorgrams I have used solely because it doesn’t support ID3 tags! WTF! Who the hell doesn’t support these tags other than EP? And the programmer says they will never be support, automatically sratching the port from the list forever and I suggest eveyone does the same.
musickCube just doesn’t cut it. It is slightly worse in every way compared to foobar, including program stability. Overall foobar is an amazing program which I look forward to using ^_^



  1. […] Everyone that read my last review with musikCube in in (musikcube-10rc2-vs-foobar2000-0941-vs-evilplayer-116) things have changed. I was testing a release candidate (similar to a beta) at the time. Well, 1.0 has finally been released and oh my wow, there have been some impressive improvements, not to the UI, but to the programs stability. With the new little tweaks to the program makes it even to foobar. I don’t know with one is better yet, but they are pretty damn close. […]

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  2. Hey, just thought I’d let you know that although applications such as foobar aren’t “skinned” as such, Foobar is amazingly amazingly visually customizeable which is a fairly notworthy point seeing as visual appearance is important for most users.

    Meaningless plug for some of the things I’ve done with it.

    This thread is long but the designs get pretty amazing towards the end!!

    Comment by toolej — February 23, 2007 @ 1:08 pm

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