November 14, 2006

Juggling accident

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I know I don’t normally talk about my personal life because I don’t want my blog to simply be a recap of my boring uneventful days. But this is an exception since it was stupid and amusing.

We, Mike and I, thought it would be a good idea to try to figure how to figure out how to juggle three things. So we first tried to learn using our cell phones, which turned out to be a bad idea since we kept dropping the phones and smashing them off the chairs/floor/table.

Next, since we didn’t have balls to juggle we started to use bottles of pills; Motrin, Advil, Tylenol. That worked out pretty good for a while but we still couldn’t get it. So to change things up we started juggling between each other, which was more difficult than its sounds.

Well anyways, Mike threw the bottles to me and I dropped them. So I bent down to pick them up and when I came up Mike had already thrown one bottle of laundry detergent, which was soon follow by a huge bottle of detergent, a 6L one, which I couldn’t catch with one hand. It would appear that these bottles aren’t meant to be thrown or dropped, because as it hit the floor, the cap cracked off spilling about 3L of detergent into our carpet.

Have you ever tried to wipe laundry detergent off the floor? It seeped into the carpet and every time we scrubbed it we produced more bubbles and just made it seep into the carpet more. So we thought pouring water on it would help, but that actually only made it worse since the soap was now foaming.

Overall, it was thoroughly an amusing mess. And as a Caper, I thought it a fit tale to share with anyone that reads this. I hope it gave you all a smile ^_^



  1. You idiots.

    All you need is a picture of your shenanigans and we’ll be all set.

    Comment by jetfx — November 15, 2006 @ 2:21 pm

  2. If I only had a camera. I will hopefully be getting one soon though. Help keep a pictorial history of our hijinks.

    Comment by bardicknowledge — November 15, 2006 @ 2:39 pm

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