November 11, 2006

Lest we forget

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 Today is Remembrance day here in Canada, where we all take a few moments of the day to remember that the men and women of our country that died during the wars, and to show our respect those veterans that are still with us.

I would like everyone that reads my blog today to take a moment and think about the people of your country that have fought wars for what they believed in. I personally don’t care which side of the war you support or what side your family was from. or even what war it was they/you fought in. The important thing is to honor the sacrifices made by those that fought for what they believed in.

As I have stated before (I don’t know if it was this blog or not) this is nothing more valuable than a human life. It is something that will never heal, or come back after its been destroyed. So when a person believes in something enough that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for it, it is something we all should respect.

So I bow my head to those that fought to give me the freedoms I am so  glad to have today. Without their sacfrices, God only knows how the world would have turned out.


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  1. to those that fought to give me the freedoms I am so glad to have today.

    I was always told to remember the landing craft hitting the beaches every time I stepped into a polling station.

    To the guys who got shot at, by either the enemies or defenders of freedom, war is hell and we’re glad we don’t have to fight it.

    Comment by jetfx — November 12, 2006 @ 1:37 am

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