November 7, 2006


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For those that don’t know what FF is go here and never tell anyone you didn’t know the meaning.

On Oct 31/06 FF XII was released in North America. On Nov 4/06 I bought it, effectively losing close to 80 hours of my life because I know I am going to play the hell out of this game. Being a HUGE fan of FF VII, I just had to buy the game some say rivals 7. We will see. Currently I only logged 4 hours into the game (the girlfriend was at my place for the weekend). IT IS AMAZING! The graphics are beautiful. The cut scenes look almsot as good as Advent Children(Again I shed a tear for those that don’t know what this is).

The battle system is rather unqiue for FF. Unlike its predocessors, you can actaully run around during combat and really run away from an enemy instead of pressing l2+r2. Also like FFX (which I HATED) you have lisence system (sphere grid). Expect its better. You gain LP (Lisence Points) during combat, so you can unlock skills as you go. Skills range from weapon usage to spells to what bracelets you can wear. You also need to buy all your spells/weapons etc. If you don’t have the spell but unlock the skill you can’t use it till you buy the spell.

The story is oh so captivating. I don’t want to tell you it. I actually won’t. Go buy it!


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  1. oh! the girlfriend was at ur place eh? what are u saying?*haha*

    Comment by Kate — November 8, 2006 @ 11:38 am

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