October 27, 2006

Vodka + Lime = :)

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kikiki. So far I’ve only had a double… maybe a triple and I’m on my second… which is of equal strenght to the first and god am I ever feeling it. I very much enjoy tipsy-ness. It so much better than weed in my opinion since the last few times I have smoked (ingested) it I’ve gone crazy. Like not feeling good crazy. I no like.

Luckily for anyone reading this post, FF.20, the browser that has caused so much hype lately, has built in SPELL CHECKING! BOO-YA!

*Lets the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor*  *HEADBANGS A LITTLE*

Going to a party soon. It will likely suck but I’m going anywho’s. Tomorrow I hope to write a piece on a site design I’m working on and what I believe to be the design steps everyone should follow. I also hope to write a piece on the effects of the internet in my life and how I believe it has effected society and what not. But  *I love metal* umm… I don’t remember. I was switching songs in Winamp and forgot what I was gonna say.

God I’m a cheap drunk. PARTY! I love the spell checker. The only problem is no grammar checker 😛

ahhh… metal \../ ya

I need good goth anime/ movies to watch. With halloween coming up, the little goth in me is emerging and I want to embrace it again. Anyone with suggestion, suggest them. *Listening to CoF (cradle of filth)* I ❤ them.

Oh speaking of <3’ing.

And speaking of flash

I have it somewhere on my pc. Its well done and amusing lol. Check it out.

Ahh… I’m out I guess. lol. pretty tispiers now as I try to finish  my second drink.It tastes like cool-aid…. hmmm.. cool-aid.. watch dane cook!!! OOHHH YA!! OH NO! mister cool aid man. you fix that wall. my dad isn’t going to believe a giant bowl of fruity punch burst through the wall.


oh my. more drinkies, party, may try to design a logo if I’m still drunk! MWHAHA! if I do design a logo I will post it tomoorw,.

PS : my roomie is going to wear my gas mask on the bus when we go to the party! MWHAHAHA1


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