October 16, 2006

Songbird, Yahoo Time Capsule, MyNoteIT and Google Reader!

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So, I know it has been a while since I have posted last so I am going to just recap some emerging and interesting  tech that I have stumbled across.

Songbird :  Ok, I have talked about this before and this is still in early beta but so far so good basically. What it tries to do is take Firefox, WinAmp and VLC, throw em in a can and spill em out. It does a pretty good job so far but still has a lot of work to be done though. The plus size is that it uses less memory than winamp and firefox together but the downside is its a cpu pig. It takes priority and lags the hell out of some things. For those that love using and testing new software, I reccomend giving this one a shot.

Yahoo! Time Capsule : This is a VERY neat idea from Yahoo! (who are starting to become cool again!). What it is, is a virtual time capsule where you can go and upload text, pictures, audio and video files to be added to the capsule! But do it quick! You only have 22 days left to do it.

MyNoteIT : This a pretty cool. I have only recently started using it (like 10 minutes before this post) but I have known about it for a while. It allows you to upload notes and files to the site, and share them. But it also keeps track of your schedule, teachers, tests, etc etc. You can also make friends (class mates I would assume) which you can check on. Every cool. I am going to show my class tomorrow and hopefully they will pick it up!

Google Reader : THE BEST RSS READER EVER! GO! USE! BE MERRY! I have never used a better reader to date. Simply put, amazing. It allows you to organize and views all your feeds every easily and cleanly. It is also veryt simple to  mark what you have read and a cool feature is to star and share. Sharing will allow you to give a link out that people can add to their feeds to watch what you think are the top stories. Give it a whirl! Its much better than a desktop reader.


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