September 26, 2006

Comfort of the always

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So I ranted about how people believe in Go because of always having someone their to love them no matter what. Well this is only slightly different. For some religions, your God doesn’t nessacarily love you in particular above the rest of the masses, so how do they derive comfort from the knowledge of their God?

Let me share something. Outside my bedroom window is a street light, that every night shines slightly into my room. This light is always there, no matter what; rain, fog, snow, etc.  It has become something of a slight comfort for me to see thi light at night while I’m attempting to fall asleep. This is the same idea behind God that I am trying to point out. Even if God doesn’t dote all his love on you, he is still always there. This is a comforting thought to many people in the world that they have an unchanging stone in their life, which they can use to everything; prayer, actions, comfort, etc etc.

You get the idea I’m trying to get at hopefully by now. But I would like to go a little further with this and point out this also applies to death, the one thing man can never truely expierence until it is too late. This is the absolute unknown for it. It terrifies us. I don’t want to die. I don’t know about you but the thought of death scares the shit out of me.  But here we see another reason for religion. If your God promises an afterlife, what reason do you have to fear? You know that once you die you will go to a better place, so why bother living this life to the fullest? There is something that irks me. You have to take life by the balls and thrash around, taking what you want from it, having fun, enjoying life. But some people just sit back and think quitely to themselves that this is only temporary, that the afterlife will be their true life.

Oh well…  their loss.

So without God in my life, I live for the moment,  and the future, while those with God in their lives, live now to praise and afterwards while live for eternity in joy… that is, if you believe.



  1. There’s a phrase that describes those “sit back and wait” people among other Christians…they’re to heavenly minded to do any earthly good.

    Between your two thoughts — sit around and wait vs. take life by the b@lls — I think there’s a middle ground that often gets missed. That ‘streetlight’ isn’t static; it’s working to spread its light through the darkness, and has a purpose for the people that see it — to tell others about the light, to help the people that are wandering around in the darkness how to find the light.

    Personally, I am not scared of death, but there’s a lot here on Earth that I want to do first. Build and restore a classic car, drive cross-country, raise a family, fly to Europe…in addition to serving God.

    Comment by Substitute Preacher — September 26, 2006 @ 11:12 am

  2. I ranted about how people believe in Go…
    They probably play way too much monopoly.

    In religion, you usuallyhave to get involved in this life in order to enjoy the next. In Catholicism, you need good works as well as faith to get into heaven. In Hinduism, you’ve got amass enough good karma (through doing good things) to not be reincarnated as a tapeworm or some other nasty parasite. Most religions expect you do something now, in order to get salvation later. In fact that is the principle of work, something men find to be a necessity, and just incorporated this into their religions. Necessities have the tendency to be sacrified. The necessity of love becomes God, work becomes salvation, justice becomes salvation, etc.

    No matter what you believe, everyone knows that death is the end of your ability to operate in this world as the individual you are now. In many cases, this life (no matter how insignificant faced with infinity) is the only way to salvation. Even with that in mind, most people just coast along, doing just enough to get by regardless of religious belief. What you make out of life is more of an individual thing than a religious one, since even religion compells you to do something.

    life by the b@lls
    You know, by censoring yourself you get an email address. lol

    Comment by jetfx — September 29, 2006 @ 11:30 pm

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