August 24, 2006

the world wide web: The beauty of anarchy

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The longer I spend cruising the net on my 10mbit/s connection that is cut almost into a fourth because of two other computers connected through a crappy router, I begin to see more and more traits of people instead of their appearance and the beauty of this thing we call the Internet.

For those out of the loop for… lets say the last year, the web has been moving forward in a way that many love and embrace and some fear. Social networking and social experiments are the new and hot thing on the web. MySpace is a prime example of a social network, where people go on, looking for others with similar interests or some go looking for others with opposing interests to argue with them. But either way, the net is bringing people together. For every bright side there is a dark side. There are people out there using the social networks to abuse / molest others, asking to meet in reality.

While this is the war we, web developers, designers, politicians, concerning bloggers and many others fight, just think about how this is pushing our technology even further. Look at the last ten years and think about how the Internet has become something more than a place for nerds to RP or trekkies to post fan fic’s but a business place, a gamers haven, social gathers and much more.

Look at the web today. There are millions of bloggers, people just writing like I am doing about current events, work, personal life, war, knitting… everything is what I’m getting at here and some are getting paid to do it. Just try to think of the web of tomorrow? How will these social networks and experiments evolve? The web is becoming more and more user/content driven. You can no longer exist on the popular web with a static HTML site. Those days are gone.

So, this is where we fit in. We are people that make the web what it is. As the next few years, if not months, pass we will see more advance social sites appear, businesses paying employees to blog to give their company a face online and users actually being able to do anything they want, personalize their pages in any way imaginable, we will be part of a beautiful thing.

But we must consider what would happen if the anarchy of the Internet became the governments space, imposing strict laws on how things must be done, crippling innovation, effectively destroying out social web that we use and love today. We must resist and say no to those that want to destroy our web, crushing the spirit out of what has taken years to build.

So in closing I would like you to think about how the web is so much more today than it was yesterday. A place of business, and relaxation, a place to rant or chat, a place to gather or battle. And while these thoughts putter about your mind, click here. Isn’t it a pretty mouse?

Just think of what our world will become in the next twenty years because of the Internet, the realm where age, race, sex, religion or ethnicities does not matter. Then try to image the world without it.

I ❤ the web.



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  2. I’ve often remarked on how much I love the information anarchy as well. It would be interesting to see something written about the philosophy of this new medium and its effect on society, as well as its (near limitless) potential for what it can do.

    Comment by jetfx — August 30, 2006 @ 8:33 pm

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