August 20, 2006

Protecting your PC and saving tons of time, cash and rage

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Ok, first thing is first. This article is about how I have my PC set up. I will try to explain in general terms how each piece of software is set up. Also, if you break your PC doing this, it’s not my fault!

Right, forward! So I am going to explain how to save yourself from dealing with needing to take your PC to the shop for every little things.

First, get a good anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware, partitioner, defragger, backup and cleaner.  I use:

Kaspersky (Anti-virus/Firewall/Anti-Spam/ANti-Spy/Proactive Defense)

Webroot Spy Sweeper (Anti-spyware/Spyware blocker)

Firefox (Yes the browser… Stops a lot of spyware and crap from getting on your pc)

PowerQuest Partition Magic 8.0 (Partitioner)

O&O Defrag (Defragger)

Acronis True Image (Backup)

CCleaner (Cleaner)

Get those, or something like those, or free-ware clones of them. Either way, something similar will work. Just by booting Kaspersky and weebroot you will be saving your pc a lot of trouble. both these pieces of software stop a lot of crap that would try to get on your pc.

By using firefox you will again stop a lot of crap before it has teh chance to install itself on your pc.

Now, Powerquest is on my list to save you trouble. If you have ever partitioned a drive before you know what I mean. If not I will explain. By partitioning your hard drive (hdd) you can make 2 virtual hdd’s. And what you would do is store all the info you want to keep save, like word docs, pictures etc on the second partition. This way if the first partition crashes (the one with your OS) your other files are still safe.  To even be safer, get another HDD and store all the data you want to keep there.

O&O is on the list to keep your hdd clean and orderly. What a defragger does is it goes through your files and puts similar ones together so that the hdd doesn’t need to scan all over the place to look for it. This can save your and extend your HDD’s lifespan.

True image is useful because you can back up your files with it. What I recommend is getting a second hdd and back up all your files to the second drive, saving them from virus, hard ware troubles and all sorts of problems.

PLEASE! Instead of running your defragger and backup once in a blue moon, set them up to run… every week or two automatically. This way all you need to do is have your PC on and it will do the rest for you.

Now, the cleaner. This little piece of software just deletes unwanted files, and clears places where bad files normally hide. Plus using it regularly it clean 50 mb’s plus each time used, speeding up things like searches and your web browser.

Now, onto the best part! I will explain how to simply remove almost any virus you can get! This will save you time and cash since you won’t need to run to your techie yelling “I HAVE A VIRUS!!AHHHHHHHHH!!!”

First, if your windows boots, good. Thats a good sign that the virus hasn’t deleted any major OS files. If you suspect you have a first, run your anti-virus. Chances are it won’t delete it, but give you the name or the location of the file. If you get the name run to google and search. You aren’t the first with the virus. Look around for help on how to remove it or where it is on your pc.

If you are given the location, write it down. Reboot the pc into safe mode. This is often down by pounding on the f8 key while the pc is booting. After you select boot into safe mode bring up windows explore and locate where the virus is. If it is hidden unhide it by tools>folder options>view>show hidden files.


Please note before deleting what this file is! If it’s an OS file, replace it with a clean version either from your disc or the web. If its a programs file, uninstall the program first then delete the file. If its just a random file, DELETE!

Reboot, scan and you should be clean ^_^  If you are still having problems, Google will hold the key. Search there and you will find how to remove it.



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