August 18, 2006

Really Simple Syndication

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Here is a technology greatly under used my the general populace. For those that don’t know what RSS (Real simple syndication) check here.

Using RSS you can keep up to date on your favorite news site, blog or podcast. Yes, the language does have enclosures that can be downloaded.

This in my opinion will be a staple of all things to come on the Internet as more and more sites become community and post driven. I know everything I do on the web must have a RSS feed or I’m unable to keep up to date with it. And it’s the simplest thing to use! All you really need is Firefox. Firefox can automatically keep your feeds organized for you. If you have ever wondered about the BBC news drop downs under your URL, they are prime examples of RSS.

Hell even my blog has an RSS which I promote to my friends more than actually having them visit the site.

Now if you are like the majority of people out there and don’t use Firefox, don’t worry. You can still can use RSS. There are many programs out there that are capable of handling the feeds. My favorites is Feedreader. It’s free, simple and small. All you need to do is add the feeds you want and it will handle the rest.

So check it out! Use my blog as your test feed. You won’t regret this step forward!


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  1. Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better, taste your freedom and be better.

    Comment by Jame — January 3, 2007 @ 9:34 am

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