August 18, 2006

Keeping on top of things – Thunderbird, Firefox and Rainlender

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Are you like me in the notion that you have three or more email accounts, are a web junkie and need to be reminded of events or schedule things well in advanced? Well my friend, I can help you!

We will start with the email issue. So have you tired outlook and afterwards wanted to execute the bastard that wrote the program (no real offense meant 😛 I just don’t like the program) . Do you have several webmail, such as hotmail or gmail accounts that you want to keep track off? Well there is a solution! Thunderbird, the Mozillia email client (makers of Firefox). What you will need to do first if head over to the Thunderbird site and download the newest version. Next you will need the plugin called Webmail. After you have successfully download and installed webmail you just go back to the site and browse for the webmail clients you use, install their plugins and follow the directions and you are ready to go!

I personally have two hotmail and one gmail accounts added to thunderbird and I haven’t encountered any problems yet ^_^

Our next issue is if you are a web junkie. Well if you are then you must be using Firefox. And if you’re not, I strongly suggest you do.  Next, you will want to get an RSS reader. If you think Firefox will work you you there ya go. But if Firefox just isn’t enough, I suggest Feedreader. Clean, simple and small. RSS is a staple of the new Web 2.0 and if you really want to be up to date you will need these. So you are ready to start. Now, the best way to stay up to date is to track This is a user driven news site and updated every few minutes. If you want to get in depth reports on the tech world, check out some podcasts such as or or even diggnation. These podcasts (which can be added and downloaded with Feedreader) will help to keep bleeding edge. Now, onto the final step I can help you with… Plugins! Go forth and explore the firefox plugin page. Here you will find plugins to do damn here anything.

Now keeping on time with the real world! Such a task. I suggest using  Rainlender. This here is a desktop calender. It will quietly sit where ever on the desktop you want. You can add reminders, events, dates, etc. It will also pop up and tell you when a reminder is nearing. It’s great.

Now if you don’t like the Rainlender on your desktop, the only thing I can think of is Reminderfox, a plugin that works with your firefox and thunderbird. It does the same thing, but isn’t as quick and simple or in your face as Rainlender, which is a useful trait for a piece of software meant to remind you of things.

Well I hope this helps you browse more happily! If it does refer some of your friends back here and get them hook on the wonder of Mozillia 😛


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