August 17, 2006

Violent Video Games

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After reading fl0rence’s blog about the new game from Rockstar, Bully, I came across this clip

Anyways, I watched the clip with my room mates, one of who was strongly opposed to the developers (Rockstar) making this game. I have nothing wrong with this but he has played and enjoyed GTA (Grand Theft Auto). The problem he has with this is it’s based in the school. I thought his argument was weak.The game developers have the right to develop any game they want. It is the parents sole responsiblity when it comes down to it to ensure their children are not playing these violent video games.

I would play Bully. I am 20 years old, and I acknowledge that the game is violent. There is a big ‘M’ on the cover that tells me so! So the parents and press should back the hell off. If they don’t want their children playing the game, DON’T LET THEM! Put the console in the living room, watch what they are playing! If you see they have a game a with a ‘M’ on it, take it! Don’t moan and whine about to the developers about it. Go after the retailers that should be id’ing those that want to purchase M rated games.
People must remember, the average gamers age is about 24, and to be competitive as a business (which game developers are) you must go places that others haven’t already! So stop blaming the developers! I want this game. I’m sure many others do to. If you don’t want you messed up impressionable child playing this, then play some attention to them! Don’t blame video games for your neglected child’s disturbing behavior!

I know those that are against violent video games will ignore this. But I don’t care. I am bluntly beating you in the head with the truth and if you choice to ignore it, well then too damn bad. I hope your neglected child gets this game and instead of actually shooting up his school, blows up some pixels to release their pent up rage.


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